So I really am hearing a lot about all this end of times stuff. Honestly, I am not sure which is more frightening…if it does happen, or doesn’t. At any rate, I am slightly freaked out, and we just have a few more days to see what happens.

Anywho, it would be a tragedy if we all did not get to see Skyrim come out. I am so damn excited about this game I really cant articulate it fully. Oblivion got me through a solid week off work while fighting a staph infection. It was glorious. Everyday, all day for 7 days, I lived every moment in Cyrodiil. As Bethesda thinks that Legacy Control style shouldn’t be an option for people, it forced me to relearn how to play FPS’s with default stick layout. Horrible. I have yet to fully recover the accuracy I enjoyed as I did with the default Goldeneye layout.

I actually finished this strip on Monday night. Yep, thats right, I worked ahead. I don’t think I like it. I hate sitting on strips. I wanted to post it immediately. Hope you enjoy.