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The Strip: So yeah, I am kind of getting back into Minecraft, thought you could supplement Magic the Gathering for the Creeper and it would still be pretty accurate.

Gaming: Like I said, been playing a bit more mine craft. Trying to reacquaint myself with that world. I also tried out the beta for Gotham City Impostors. Its a high paced FPS with hilarious wanna be batmans..or men…or whatever. Fun weapons and a lot of action. i am going to give it  few more rounds before I declare my opinion. I also am coming very close to beating Rayman: Origins with my daughter (we played a lot today).

TV/Movies: I didn’t catch tonights episode of Shameless, as I was working on this here comic my friends.

Music: Heard some fantastic tunes over at my parents house this weekend. Go check out The Civil Wars.

Life: Wow…its been a doosey of a week/weekend. So much going on and going bad, but also some good. I would like to announce to you all that I am going to PAX East! I am beyond excited, and also apprehensive as us anxiety filled people tend to be. It sucks real bad that I am going to miss Easter with my kids (it will be my first), but it is for the greater good. I will be flooding you with more updates and requests as the date draws nearer.

A very big thanks to Mr. Bergman for the badges and the “Get your ass to PAX” motivation:)