Facebook…I have a Page…I will post a picture of a “Gay Yoda” I drew, if you go and Like the Legacy Control Facebook Fan Page.

So..there must be some evil paramilitary baron dude fucking with me. I have tried and failed twice to download the Hawken Alpha. I am CRAVING this game (I know, and there isn’t even any loot in it).

I even got some tech support from Brian (Editor of Control Freaks, and all around badass) and still no go. Seriously…fuck windows. I know I am going to get some hate for this, but having only ever had a mac, the Windows interface is so totally foreign and confusing to me…never mind the fact that my .dll file somehow vanishes during download.

I competed in my second ever Magic The Gathering draft tourney today (for Return to Ravnica) and did better than last time. I just missed placing in the top 10. I have learned a lot this time and I am giving the Legacy Control fans this promis…next time…I will place.

I was going to write “Happy Monday” but I don’t want to give anyone false hope.