Just as a heads up, my tweets have been described as the best tweets you have ever read from a guy named Javis who has a webcomic. Follow me on Twitter and judge for yourself!

This strip was of course based on real events. I actually summoned a Plainswalker, and my mouth really does get that big when I whip out my Pikachu. Freaky right?

I have still been listening to Gotye on the music front and enjoyed the CAG cast whilst making this strip. Also, there seems to be some asshole running a weed eater at 11:00 pm somewhere in my neighborhood. I can only hope a stray rock is whipped into his balls.

I tried the demo’s of, then immediately downloaded both Fez and Skullgirls and think I will be spending a quite a while with both. Fez makes me feel like I am playing a game of Adventure Time, wrapped in a unique little puzzler. It just makes me smile…hard. Skullgirls is a highly stylized MVC2 style 2d fighter, with lots of scantily clad ladies…so I really don’t need to give you anymore reasons to buy it, do I? I am also missing some games that I played last year that I want to finish pretty bad. I will spare you their names as to avoid your mocking.

I am not sure if I have said this outright yet, but if you are having anxiety/depression issues…give Lexepro a try…it has changed my life. What I like most about it is my ability to just go with the flow more than I ever have before…its almost like being normal…whatever that means.

Have yourself a merry little Wednesday.