Strip: This strip came about from a conversation I had with an actual Hipster.It really went nothing like this. He is actually a co-worker and isn’t the sort of hipster portrayed in this strip. I actually look up to him (as I do with a few folks I work with), and he is pretty smart, cool guy. That said. He definitely IS a contrarian hipster. I wont go into details as he has the means to destroy me digitally.

Gaming: I cant get my damn Sega Genesis to work on my flat screen, and I want to play Mortal Kombat 3 so damn badly!!!

TV/Movies: I watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid II: Return of the god slayer. I am not sure of the exact title but that is pretty close. Shut up, I have kids. Also teen moms is on tonight…Shut up, I have a wife.

Music: Ok, would you be shocked if I said Mumford and Sons? No? Well what if I said it was Mumford and sons BUT it was all lullaby style? Blew your mind just then…I know.

Life: Not much to report. Work. Family. Comic. Rinse repeat.

Thanks for stopping by, I genuinely appreciate it.