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It’s true…I…I was a Master System kid. Instead of Excite Bike and Duck Hunt on Christmas morning it was Hang On and Safari Hunt. Now we Master System kids like to say we didn’t need Mario…we had Alex Kid…but lets face it, we needed Mario.

I really always felt like a gaming outsider. All of my friends always talked about the NES and Super NES games they wanted or were playing and I tried to explain how the Master system was so rad because it had a cartridge slot AND a thingy slot (Ghost house anyone).

The fact is I have many fond memories with the Master System and Genesis and I still have them both and am planning ons someday hooking them all up again. I just wish I would’ve spent some of that paper route money on getting an NES as well.

I’ve got a doctors appointment Friday morning to try and figure out what the heck is wrong with me. Your good vibes and/or prayers are welcome:)

Friday..Friday…its Friday.