The Strip: Ya see, we own have a rental property. The last tenants left some new tenants. I will discuss it more in the “life” section.

Gaming: I was very tempted to stop after work and get Rage. I read some reviews today that scared me off. I will stick to the iPad version for now. I am hoping to get a little more co-op Dead Island in after the post.

TV/Movies: We just borrowed season one of Breaking Bad, so I hope to dig into that soon.

Music: Today was a music day. I did some Paper Chase in the morning, some Bastion soundtrack in the afternoon. My brother in-law Tim is doing his best to introduce me to the intricacies of music genres, of which I am shamefully ignorant. I will offer my review of the selections in the comic weeks.

Life: So I have mentioned this damn rental property of our more than once. This rental property was our old home which we could not sell when we purchased our new one. We do have an emotional attachment to it. The former tenants did not. I am not sure how people can live like that. At any rate, we have an infestation of cockroaches. the exterminator, who does nothing els all day but do things like this, was amazed at the level of infestation we have. We thought we had bed bugs and fleas as well. Thank goodness that is n0t the case.

Well, the woman wants her deposit. Did I mention outside of the cockroaches the house is destroyed? Hole in the wall, windows bashed out, every bit of carpet in the house ruined. I mean it wasn’t in great shape before, but they sent it to its grave. More than anything just amazing filth. They had to put forth an effort to get the filth into the places they got it.

I have basically handed the house over to my little brother (NiCad). He is going to fix it up, live in it, pay half the mortgage, and hopefully he will just take it over from us. Ye we will be losing money every month, but we would have anyway in order to get the house ready to rent. Oh, and they tenants also ran up ungodly water bills that we must pay.

Ok, I am finished bitching, but holy crap worrying about this place is adding stress I don’t need. We have done nothing but loose time and money on the thing. Lots of it.

Thanks again for all your support and for voting on Kotaku. I genuinely feel loved people:)