The Strip: So yeah, this is going to happen. It really is strange..I wonder, does a position at the post office attract murderous lunatics, or does the system create them? They really are shutting down lots of post offices, so yeah, I guess I will add psycho postmen to my crisis contingency list, you should do the same. Also, why do they wear such short shorts?

TV/Movies: I watched Tucker and Dale vs Evil last night, and I laughed a lot actually. Its a little indy horror flick. Its a comedy horror type thing, some Evil Deadness in there. Check it out if you can. The lead actress, Katrina Bowden, she is now on my hotness radar. New season of Jersey Shore starts tonight…so I wont be watching that grim carnival.

Life: Just logging off of Minecraft last night, and a tree sized branch decided its time had come. It crashed down on the power lines and sent my whole street into darkness. Well, the power company was on site quickly but it took them well into the night to get it sorted out, which is the reason I had time to watch the above mentioned movie but also the reason I feel like a pile of shit right now.

Off to sleep, have a happy Friday!