Listen J.K., I am going to break it down for you. If you want to give back to us, this is what we want. Now I think it is totally cool that Pottermore is what it is, but everything on the site already exists on the web somewhere made by fans. Now I will withhold final judgement until we see this extra stuff she is gong to release will be.

We watched the Adjustment Bureau this weekend. Pretty good, a little predictable, though it had my interest all the way through. I would say its a definite watch.

Well folks, its finally here. True Blood is back. We watched the first episode of season 4 tonight and it was better than I expected. I still think the witches will still hurt the season overall. There are some cool themes I wasn’t prepared for, and I thinkI might have seen some more of the bullshit fairy stuff during the “on this season” teaser. I must admit it was nice to be back in Bon Temps.

Great nigh Saturday night. Four 360’s networked up for some zombie killing fun. We player for around 6 hours total. It was great but I am afraid I will never catch up on sleep now, as we were up until 4:00 am. It was totally worth it.

Off to bed have a great Monday.