The “good” Doc just got the business end of Evil Bad’s rage. Side Note: I wonder what the leisure end of Evil Bad’s rage is like. As it turns out, Rabs doesn’t want the Doc smashed into grotesque little flesh lumps. I guess it makes sense as it is his maker.

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The Xbox One. I have put in a fair amount of time on Dead Rising 3 and I have slain close to 20k zombies. It never gets old. This game has got me wrapped around it’s little (undead) finger. It’s just pure fun. I also downloaded and ran through the tutorial of Killer Instinct. I’m terrible but the game is actually very good. Extremely fast and fun. The game takes full advantage of the ones processing power as the particle effects are unbelievable. I did go online and got abused (though I did win one match) and the experience was flawless. No lag whatsoever. That holds true for every aspect of the system thus far. I can be slated hundreds and hundreds of zombies with fire and the game never skips a beat. So far I am deeply in love with this system.

Happy Monday, yo!