The Strip: So yeah, this Project Fiona thing…My knee jerk reaction was that I wanted it. But I don’t really want it…because WTF will I do with it? Its too bulky to actually be a portable gaming device, and you can’t use a keyboard and mouse with it so LAN parties are out…so again…WTF would I do with it?

Gaming: I have still not gamed since last week…but i will game this weekend. I want to download a few demos, and of course play some skyrim.

TV/Movies: Jeopardy with my wife…this is what I am reduced to.

Music: Nothin’….

Life: My work was kind enough to purchase a new Wacom Inkling for me and a few other fellow employees to test out for possible business related applications. So far I am very impressed with its ability to capture the detail of even the most subtle movements. I wish A4 wasn’t the required paper size, but as it will save as vector this isn’t a deal breaker. The pen refills are of a standard size, and it folds up nice and neat. You kind of feel like an assassin sniper when you are unsheathing the thing and assembling it. I am going to try to do a strip with it here real soon, and I will run it through some other paces and let you know more about it later.

Happy Fridizzle,