Things are about to get…real, of the Legacy Control Facebook fan page…I don’t actually know what that even means.

[Spoiler Warning]

Let me start by saying Alien and Aliens are two of my favorite science fiction horror films. Heck, they are up there with my favorite films of all time. To say I had high hopes for Prometheus is an understatement. Luckily my life prohibits the viewing of films when they first come out, so I was spared the initial hit after hearing/reading reviews. I still held on to hope when I finally watched it the other day. Now…all hope is lost.

Prometheus..I believe means (specifically in this scenario) what a giant let down. Let me just identify a few of the things that I rolled my eyes so hard at, that they nearly slapped the back of my skull.

1. Two frightened explorers on an alien planet. They just walked away from a pile of alien corpses. Ok, a testicle headed cobra thing pops out of the black ooze in the room in which they are staying. Forgetting the fact that the dead alien bodies had testicle headed cobra sized holes in them, one of them attempts to pet the, obviously aggressive, alien snake thingy. They die…horribly.

2. Our heroin is pregnant with an alien baby squid thingy. She, after beating down two of her other ship mates, sprints to a surgical pod, which is conveniently fully operational and warmed up at all times, then crawls inside for an emergency “foreign object removal.” It slices her open as she gets “jiggy with it” from the pain. You know the claw games where you pick up stuffed animals and/or watches…well the machine did that with the alien baby squid.

3. Advanced alien craft which is outfitted to destroy humanity…its started up by the giant super human albino body building aliens…by playing jazz flute.

Ok, there are many many more things that hurt me…hurt me right down to my bones but these are the ones that stand out.

If you can totally separate this one from the original Alien/Aliens films, look at Prometheus as a stand alone, brand new IP its passable…dare I say almost enjoyable. But guess what folks…it isn’t. Is it worth the watch…sigh, I’m join got have to reluctantly say “yes.” If only for it’s comedic value.

Pros: Micheal Fassbender turns a pretty good performance (he is the only one who does), there was minimal CGI in regards to the aliens, or at leans it seemed like it, which is a HUGE bonus for me and the cinematography was top notch.

Happy Wednesday.