There was a time that I would have been considered a Playstation “fanboy”. My first foray in to the world of online console shooters was the original SOCOM. I loved SOCOM so much, I will save that detailed explanation for another time.I would be hard pressed to say I had ANY other real experience with online shooters. There was a botched attempt at , where most of my time was spent either looking straight up or straight down. My K/D was…lets say, “impressive”.

I was apathetic in regards to this whole data breach thing, as I do not own a PS3. There are some Playstation exclusives that cause me actual pain when I become aware that I have not, and probably will never play. If there was a crazy price drop or some one was selling one for cheap, I would be very tempted.

Here is the bottom line. No one can compete with Microsofts online service. There are aspects of the old PS2 style of searching for a “room” to play in, that I do miss. It was kind of like a mini game, or I guess more like foreplay. That said, Xbox Live, is Rock solid and the ease of use is undeniable. Cross game chat, friend invites, and matchmaking [doing that french thing, when you kiss your fingers and say “magnifique”].

I see only one real competitor and they have yet to establish a console, or in the traditional sense anyway. Yes Apple, I am talking to you.