Today only, kids get in for just FIVE DOLLARS over at the Legacy Control Facebook Fan Page.

Seriously, am I the only one who gets a rock hard boner when i’m very angry? NO? Ha, just…um …kidding, me either. It was a joke. Shut up.

But really, I am totally sick of all the political ads, and strangers knocking on my door, to try and “educate” me as to why I should vote for their respective candidate. Also the junk mail and radio commercials are going to drive me mad I tell you, MAD!

So I picked up Assassins Creed III this weekend ( I should remind you all that this is my first AC title ever) and I ma thoroughly blown the fuck away. I have had many “wow’ moments in the 2 hours that I have played thus far but i will just tell you about the one where I was looking around Boston from atop a it was impressive. The free running feels really smooth and intuitive as is the combat so far. The gun play is clunky but I assume it’s supposed to be to keep it from becoming a shooter. I love it a lot so far and am assuming it’s just join going to get better.

Also, don’t forget to check out the guest strip I did for my buddy Rickard over at

Happy Monday,