The strip: Most, if not all the time, post apocalyptic worlds don’t make any sense. But…there is no real source material…yet.

Gaming: So I got the Rage, the game not the emotion, well the emotion as well. But not about the game.

The game is beautifully done, and I am not sure this is the games fault, but in a world where Fallout is the gold standard for post apocalyptic gaming, Rage seems a bit…bland. Had Fallout never existed I don’t think I would engendered a sense of being derivative. I jsut kept thinking, “this is Fallout: Arcade Edition.”

I dont want to sell Rage short. It is evident that a lot of time and effort went into the game. So far there is a lot of things rage does right. The combat s satisfying, the environment is beautiful and most importantly..the game IS fun.

The upgrade system on weapons and vehicles more annoys me than compels me to advance. The upgrade system seems kind of tacked on. The various ammo choices doesn’t lend itself well to the action packed combat. I don’t want to think about my ammo selection, I just want to go and shoot mutants.

I am also not a fan of how much emphasis the game has put on driving or racing. I feel like if they were going to make it such an important part of the game they should have gone more “sim” and less Mario Cart. It feels a lot like the driving in Borderlands, which worked well in Borderlands, just feel strange and out of place in Rage.

Now I am only about 3 hours in at this point but after arriving at the new town of Wellspring (I think is its name), I have spent most of my time walking around town trying to find various shops and people, which is a pain because they also decided to omit the HUD map display while in town. A frustrating choice.

When I am on a mission that requires me to walk down the linear path shoot bad guys with my cool guns in a beautifully rendered world, the game is a lot of fun. I would definitely wait until this title comes down in price.

TV/Movies: The wife and I watched Horrible Bosses Friday night. We laughed pretty much, but not as hard as we laughed during Bridesmaids. I will say I have some great footage of Jennifer Aniston stored in my spank bank now. My God.

Music: None all weekend…I think it has put me in a negative mood. Need some tunes.

Life: Went out with the kids this weekend to pick out our pumpkins…yeah, we got some good ones. There was a horse drawn carriage at the pumpkin patch and I got to sit up front with the driver. One of the perks of sitting up by the driver is that you are about a foot away from the horses asshole. I got an amazing view of the horse (Ringo) taking a long slow shit that finished nicely with some runniness. It also smelled authentic. Good times.