The Strip: Man, Rayman: Origins is amazingly beautiful and fun, but I honest to god was not expecting the power unlocking Nymphs when I sat down to play with my daughter. I am not complaining, but I do feel the urge to cover her eyes.

Gaming: I sit here a shell of a man gameless and frightened. I haven’t played Skyrim for what must be 2 weeks now, and since I have been banned by my warden..or…um wife, from Hero Academy and Game Dev Story…I got nothing.

TV/Movies: I have been watching The IT Crowd marathon, and I am deeply in love. I watched an episode a while back and I just about have the first finished as of today.

Music: Got a download code for the Bastion soundtrack and I have been listening to that pretty hard again.

Life: What a rough couple of days. Part of  a large dead tree fell, and didn’t hit anything but we must now get it downed. It’s gonna cost us, then that same night, our furnace went out, and I don’t need to tell you that that is going to cost us a prettier penny. Oh, but it gets better. After taking the day off to deal with the furnace issue, I was on my way to drop my daughter off to school, and I get a shard of what I can only assume is a piece of some forgotten weapon forged from hate and fire, lodged in my tire. I did make it home and when I stepped out of the car it sounded like a very large snake was coiled under my vehicle ready to strike (SSSSSSSSS). As its raining all day and I was hanging with my son…there was no way I could go out and change it. Feeling good about all this.

Enjoy your Friday,