If there were ever a time in history to start paying attention to the Legacy Control Facebook fan page…now is that time.

Listen, I know that in panel two Oscar is looking at the Star Trek emblem but it would’ve stepped on the punch line if I had him actually looking at the back of the shirt in panel two. The “mid-season finale” coming up…and again, why do they even call it a “finale?” I find it annoying. I must say, the first part of this season has been fantastic save one horribly slow (albeit necessary) episode.

I am thoroughly addicted to Black Ops II at this point. I have learned that if I use two basic load outs I can almost always end the game with a significantly positive K/D ratio. Most of the time however, I just use a Shotty class with as many perks as I can load up on. With this set up, I have super speed, and am impervious to falling damage. It’s the most satisfying kill in the game for me to run headlong into a group of opponents and lay them each down with a perfectly placed shotgun blast. Well, a clean sniper rifle head shot is pretty damn satisfying as well.

May your Monday be filled with as much joy* as mine.

*In this scenario, joy actually means horse shit.