So, the real story behind this comic is slightly different. Our neighborhood has a “junk day” that you can set out all of your your…you know, junk. Well this brings in a bunch of folks from outside the neighborhood to pillage the mountains of unwanted goods. My experience has been that the people that come to collect the unwanted trinkets are wild eyed and ferrel (sometimes down right scary.) They thirst for my recyclable metals, some of which I have in my driveway that I am planning on recycling myself. One “gentleman,” took some convincing that “No, you can’t have that, I’m going to recycle it myself.” Well as this junk day wore on truck after truck stopped and rifled through the trash, leaving it strewn about. By the end of the day I was jaded so when a beat up car parked in front of my house and a disheveled tattoo clad, young man got out and started toward my house, bypassing the goods on the street, I thought “Here we go again.” The young man asked if it was ok if he took one of the old car seats I had left out for junk. He said “We’ve got a little one on the way and it’d help a lot.” I was dumb struck and said “Of course, take it all, most people just pull up and rummage through all of it.” He was appreciative and my wife and I went into the basement and gave him armfuls of baby things we were going to give to relatives or sell at a garage sale. So, yes, my faith in humanity is restored (slightly.)

Happy Monday,