If you haven’t played the Revolution DLC for Black Ops II, then this joke is totally friggin’ lost on you…and thats ok. I must say, I am more than pleased with Treyarchs first round of DLC for the “BlopsII.” It features 4 new multiplayer maps: Hydro – an amazing hydro-electric facility in Pakistan, Grind – the action packed skate park in California, Mirage – a sand blasted hotel in the Gobi desert and Downhill – one of the more beautiful maps i’ve ever seen. A plush ski shop and chalet in the French Alps, this makes makes you want to be “boarding” down the paths as opposed to running. And is the map on which this comic is based. All the maps are medium to small sized and are all action packed (Downhill could be considered “large” but it it doesn’t feel it as the action stays pretty constant.) There is also a new zombie map (Die Rise) that takes place in a multi-level (somewhat confusing), dilapidated building. I haven’t spent enough time with it to give a real review but it seems like it will provide hours of joy. A new zombie mode has also been included where you can be the zombie, and I have yet to try that as I have been preoccupied with multiplayer. The bonus of the DLC is a brand new sub-machine gun called the “peacekeeper.” It is easily the most versatile gun in the game. Very little recoil, good power and with the addition of a few attachments…its great fro almost any battle.

Anywho, about the comic, while in the gondola depot on “Downhill” if you so much as graze one of the deadly means of conveyance, you are killed…dead…no mas. I think they need to nerd that a bit, though it does make for some funny moments.

Happy Friday,