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So, some might say, “This strip is misogynistic” and others my say “this guy is anti religion”…and still others will probably say…”this ass hole talks about magic the gathering a lot.” Only one of those groups would actually be correct. I think we all know which…

So any way…I bought an M13 deck builders box and for twenty bucks its a pretty good deal. You will get 285 cards 102 (ish) of which will be land. Even still 183 cards for $20 (before tax) works out be around $1.75 per 15 cards (standard booster pack, Somebody check my math on this). The carrying box that it comes in isn’t quite as nice as a fat pack box, but it holds more cards. So if you’re just starting out in Magic the Gathering, or you need to pad your collection this is a no brainer.

This damn Steam sale. I can’t get away from it. It’s every where. I know if I start, I won’t be able to stop buying…it’s like Pringles.

Monday descendeth upon us once again, as a great cloud of despair.