A thing like this happened just last night. I may have embellished a bit on the size of the insect in question and its ability to communicate via spoken language, but not much. The bug had a death wish, or it had a surprise waiting for me if I got my hands on it. Either way, we will never know, because every time I rose from my slumber to slay the beast, it lurked off to some dark corner. I think I could hear it chuckling. I have not seen or heard from it since, though I think I may have received an email from it in my spam folder. I deleted it.

For once my infant sons cries for sustenance were not the things keeping me away from my Jessica Alba laden dreams on that night. The boy actually slept ok, but mother nature had other plans. I oft wonder why those plans involve me not sleeping. What manor of training is this. What she preparing me for? I hope the answer is sleep.

I what appears to be a pretty popular xbox live arcade game, I cannot remember the name right now, Battle Gears maybe? I will let you know what I think of it when I play it. I played a pretty great round of Zombie Mode, in Ascension. I think it solidified that I am not a big fan of Call of the Dead. Just too much going on, Romeo is annoying (only slightly less so than Buffy), and I just flat out don’t have as much fun as I do on Ascension. I wish the next map pack, provided there is one, is just the original zombie maps with some updates. The Zombie Factory is still probably my all time fav.