If you ever wanted to know what it would be like to read a genius’s tweets…just follow me on Twitter, so you can experience the exact opposite if that. Lest we forget the Legacy Control Facebook fan page.

The Strip: This gruesome depiction was spawned from a conversation with my bud Brandon from twxxd fame. It was just as unnerving then…

Gaming: I tried I Am Alive. I have enjoyed it thus far, and it reminds me of a mix between a few games. I plan to give it some more play time and likely do a strip about it Friday. Also got some more Warp play time in.

TV/Movies: So my wife finally caught up on Shameless as we have been opting for The Walking Dead on Sunday nights, that and Time Warner Cable is butt sauce and we haven’t been able to watch anything on demand as of late. Anyway, I came in for a little bit of the most recent episode and seems that have jumped the shark a little..what ever that means.

Life: As PAX East draws near, I want to ask all of you who have attended for advice. Any PAX rituals I should perform? Are there any particular gods I should pray and/or sacrifice to? Are there any tools I should bring with me (Multi tool, length of hose…lube)?

I dunno it may just be men, but I feel like this is going to be a good Wednesday.