Every time someone doesn’t follow me on Twitter a kitten dies…kitten blood on your hands…is that what you want?

The Strip: Shoot Many Robots is like a side scrolling Borderlands. 4-player co-op. A shop to buy and upgrade weapons and the soundtrack is oh so nice. It good old fashion side scrolling mayhem with style. I would definitely suggest checking it out. Heck we may even be able to play together a little. Well, four of you anyway.

Gaming: Look at the strip..duh! Also I am seriously deep in the throws of a BF3 addiction again. I really think about that shit all damn day. I just want to get on and crash a helicopter immediately after take off.

Listening: I am changing this section from “Music” to “Listening” because I listen to something almost every day but its not always music. It’s music, an audio book or a podcast. Today it was the CAGcast…my old go to listening pleasure.

TV/Movies: Whilst comicing my wife was watching Hanna. I was more into it than I should’ve been and I think its why I am getting the strip out later than I should be. I need to watch it again though because I’m forced to watch anything on in the living room through a reflection in a window.

Life: Two podcasts this week and both fell through. One because my whole family is sick and we didn’t want to infect my man Chris Bergman’s brood, and the other because I was on daddy duty and Spongebob Squarepants wasn’t entertaining enough for me 2 year old to leave us alone. Oh well, we will hit it next week.


Don’t forget to go vote for my buddy Rickard from TwoGaG over at the ComicMix Webcomic Tournament. (He is in the Simon Division) He makes a fantastic strip, works very hard on it and damn it he deserve it. Also, the first round he is up against a comic that doesn’t even update anymore. GO DO IT!



Happy Friday,