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As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE the load-uot system Treyarch has employed in Black Ops II. You have 10 slots and you can assign them however you see fit. What I, and many other combatants, choose more times than not it seems, is a “run-n-gun” shotgun class. In this class you essentially shoos nothing but perks that make you a super human. You can run like the wind and jump from any height and take not damage…you are essentially a superhero…that shoots peoples face off.

So this is my first official day as a stay-at-home full time comic creator. So far I am loving it. The biggest perk? I get to hang with my son all day and he is a pretty cool little dude. When my daughter was his age, I was abel to hang out with her all the time as I had a second shift job. So I’ve really never had this with the boy and it feels nice.

Have a happy Moday…if you dare.