I know in internet years this comic is about a decade too late as the event that inspirited it, is nearly a week old. That said, I felt compelled to make the strip because in the Ray house hold Miley Cyrus has inspired many a argument between my wife and myself. As a matter of fact, she caused an argument the day of the MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMA’s).

Theresa often articulates her displeasure with Miley and how “Gross” she is. I would defend her, saying : “She is a young attractive girl who is trying to figure out who she is. Give her a break.” You must understand that this conversation happened like once a week. And then…it happened. I have no idea what she or her people were thinking when they put together this stage show that transpired on the VMA’s but it was…lets say, Unpleasant.

If you haven’t seen it…don’t It gives you a very icky feeling. Lets just say it consists her her grinding and gyrating on everything and everyone on stage. It was disturbing. This unfortunately makes it difficult to argue the point further with my wife because that display was, in fact, gross.

Happy Friday!