The Strip: I am at odds with myself. I have been playing COD games for so long now…that I feel like the universe is out of kilter if I am not plain gone. I boasted that I may be a full convert over to the Battlefield franchise, which I am still not totally discounting. I just have this carnal NEED to play Modern Warfare 3, hence its Siren-like song in todays strip.

Gaming: Battlefield 3 my friends, that is until my wife gets home tonight with my copy of MW3. I will try to put in some real time with it until Friday, when I will be enticed and subsequently ensnared by the beautiful and deadly SKYRIM!

TV/Movies: I have so many things I need to watch, but all this gaming goodness has confiscated every moment when I am not working on the comic and/or being a dad. Also was anyone else angered by the survivors in this past Sundays Walking Dead? Its like they were TRYING to fuck up. They couldn’t think of a better idea than to lower a dude down a well with a zombie (which looked very similar to a zombie in Dead Island I might add)? And how could you feel at ease enough to get busy in a ransacked pharmacy in a zombie apocalypse? And what was with the large pile of rocks for Otis? Did they go and get his half eaten body? I dunno. Little bit of a let down this episode.

Music: I’d rather not say.

Life: Did anyone here that a aircraft carrier sized meteor passed within a few hundred thousand miles of the earth on Tuesday? Freaky.

Wednesday…we bow to your kindness.