The Strip: Guess what… I love Skyrim. I also have a need to take the clothes off of everyone I slay. I just want to know what they’re working’ with. Is that wrong… I think some would think so.

Gaming: Skyrim. I have had so many “Oh Wow” moments already and I am only about 16 hours in. I’m totally in love. I will not give my full thoughts yet as I want to go play right now instead of write about it so… be patient.

TV/Movies: Watched Scott Pilgrim Vs The World again… god I love that movie. Watched the first ever UFC on Fox this weekend. It was a let down and not a great showing for the company and sport as a whole. They showed one fight and hyped it for 20 minutes. Oh did I mention it lasted all of a minute? Could have gone better. Getting primed up to watch some Walking Dead. Hope this week’s episode is better than last week.

Music: Christmas music… so sue me!

Life: Skyrim, Skyrim and more Skyrim. It has invaded every corner of my tender mind. I think in Skyrim.

Javis (Dragonborn)