The Strip: So I do actually get snow days at my work. They are good about closing early if a mid-day snow storm hits. Also, being in IT, I can work from anywhere, and when the kids have snow days that means I have a snow day. Still…its not the same. Man, when I had a snow day, I was either out building a sledding track with a ramp at the end, having a snow ball fight of epic proportions or trolling the neighborhood for unwitting folks who needed their driveway “shoveled”. I can’t imagine a did a great job.

Gaming: Finally got back on some Skyrim Saturday. Does anyone else just stop and look up at the stars…for like half an hour? I also played the demo for the old school style, side scrolling beat-em-up, Bloodrayne: Betrayal…and man is it a lot of fun…also she is hot…real hot.

Music: Went back to listening to a little Mumford and Sons this weekend…so good.

TV/Movies: Adventure Time while finally disassembling our Christmas decorations. We also watched Real Steel, which, if you go into it not expecting much, is a lot of fun to watch. My kids LOVED it.

Life: Really not much to report. It looks like the rental property issues are finally coming to an end..or at least the expected outcome. It’s been mighty cold here in the Queen City over the weekend..might cold. My feet, if I still have feet, are numb right now. I think I found a local printing company that will do the shirts the way I want so I will keep you all updated as to their fruition.

Happy Monday:(