The Strip: So yeah…those damn Flame Atronachs are pretty sexy. Don’t judge me, I know you agree. Sometimes I just summon her so I have something to look at on those long cold hikes through Skyrim. Yes, I realize you’d burn your dick off but maybe there is some kind of flame retardant condom spell. I dunno, I just like looking at her, ok? I do plan on seeing if I can introduce my flaming hot girlfriend into the bedroom when I do take a wife in Skyrim. Yeah…don’t fret, I’ll take pics.

Gaming: Do I even need to tell you what I am playing? Ok, so I am going to wait until Friday to give a full report on Skyrim (like you actually need one form me), which will be my last Skyrim strip for a while. I think a week will suffice.

TV/Movies: So not much on this front…Scott Pilgrim Vs the World again. I cant get enough of it. Watched some show where they buy storage unit contents at auctions…but its not the good one with the big tattoo guy, and the way too excited guy. Its some off brand model that makes me feel icky watching it.

Music: I found some dustup i like a lot…the names are as mystical and cryptic as the beats I am afraid…I’m going ot have to look it up and get back to you.

Life: I think about dragons probably more than is healthy. Interjecting snippets about my quests into work conversations is probably not the most prudent of practices, but dammit..its my life…people should know I go home everyday and defend the god damn realm! What do they do, probably go mow the lawn, or do some dishes…fuck that…I am out there man..fighting three ton flying lizards that breathe FIRE!

Wednesday never done nobody, no harm, no how.