The Strip: I love Bastion…so much. The narrator is always, well narrating the shit out of your every move, in a sort of folky, old west film noir style. He will, from time to time, alert you to your short comings. Nothing overt. Not nearly as mean as I made him out to be in this strip.

Gaming: Another great weekend at the arcade. I think I am becoming fully addicted once again to Kortal Kombat 3. I find myself burning to get better…and trust me, I will. There was a time before marriage and children where that promise was as good as gold, now though, not so much. I am finding an old itch that needs to be scratched…soon. The itch? To shoot things, in first person mode, mostly heads if possible.

TV/Movies: T to the B tonight (True Blood), I am trying to bring back early 90’s TV gangster slang…home slice. Well True Blood was actually pretty great. It’ll have me thinking about it tomorrow at work. My brother-in-law just wrapped filming on his documentary (Psst it’s related to video games), and though I do not have many details at the moment, I will be sure to post a link to whatever info I am privy to, the moment I acquire it.

Music: Mumford and Sons: Can’t stop listening to it. You should do the same.

Life: Great weekend. Arcade Legacy on Friday with a good buddy, Dinner with the wife and friends at a fancy restaurant and then watched Fedor get knocked out by Hendo on Saturday, and at the pool for the better part of the day on Sunday.

Let the Monday Begin!