The Strip: SO yeah…this is my SOPA strip. It happened…totally. SOPA/PIPA is bad kids, stay off of them…and um…stay in school….wear a condom?

Gaming: Got a couple of new iOS games that I haven’t played yet. I’ll talk about them later when I actually have.

TV/Movies: Sigh…nothing.

Music: Zilch.

Life: So, just been working on comic stuff as of late. Not much else enters my mind. I do think Saturday night is shaping up to be a geeks night out…or in as it were. If I had willing participants…or knowledge, or the …stuff, I would play some D&D. I want to play pretty bad. Met some super cool folks this week. Inspiring, motivated dudes. Love being around that energy.

Well, may your Friday just shut up and get over with.

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