The Strip: This strip is for all you other creators out there. You know exactly what I am talking about on this one. Hopefully I captured that moment of realization that all of us who create comics have when we realize what we have committed ourselves to. Let me say…I will take it all. All the sacrifice and shit that comes along with making a comic…it’s totally worth it. Hell, it’s worth it just for the other great creators and fans I have met. I truly love this shit and I am going to work so so hard this year to get better.

Gaming: Skyrim, Rayman, Dance Central 2. Fuck yeah.

TV/Movies: Watched Drive tonight…holy shit it had more gore than I had anticipated…but I liked it…I liked it a lot.

Music: I gotta get the soundtrack to Drive!

Life: What a great NYE I had. Played Dance Central 2 with my family. Caught up with some old friends. Just relaxed:) I am seriously a lucky fella:)

Let 2012 begin!