This is an actual thing that happened to me…well, sort of. I was walking to my sons school for a field day event to meet my wife. I had packed her a lunch and put in a lunch box. It was pink. A grizzled “The Hills Have Eyes” looking fellow, driving a, I guess you could call it a vehicle (it was a rusty minivan that appeared to be powered solely by hatred), slowed to eye me and shouted…”Nice Bag! He then scowled at me and drove off. It was clear he was questioning my manhood and sexual orientation. What compels a “human” to take the time to do that? I mean a man carrying a pink bag is all it takes to set him off? I do wish the interaction would not have taken me by surprise so I would’ve had time formulate a response that would’ve, perhaps, goaded the creature into attempting to do me physical harm. That would’ve been the greatest gift the universe could have given me:)