I’ve spent many, many hours focusing my brain on imagining what the Zombie Apocalypse would be like (with the help of many movies and video games of course.) I think Max Brooks did a great job conveying much of what could/would go on with his BOOK World War Z (not the movie.) Also a little show called “The Walking Dead” does a pretty good job at conveying the interpersonal relationship issues and sparsity of supplies. The thing is, it doesn’t scare me any more, at least not the zombie part. People are and always will be, the biggest threat. Even if zombies could happen and lets say the virus or radiation that brought them back to life did not allow for insects, animals and/or bacteria to break down their bodies, they would still be quickly reduced to a pile of meat by mother nature. We are not built to withstand her force. Wind, heat, cold, rain and just the regular old wear and tear of walking around would make quick work of the zeds. Now, the people..that is a horde I don’t want to mess with.

Happy Wednesday,