Legacy Control on Kotkau!

If you haven’t gone and voted yet and spread the word to your friends, I would appreciate it deeply if you went on over to Kotaku to vote to keep Legacy Control on the Sunday Comics feature. It takes only a moment. While you’re there, don’t forget to vote for our friends Unicorn Soup, Nerd Rage and Nerf This! Thank you all so much.

Vaas, has smashing hair and just the prettiest eyes. That comes at a price. You gotta have the right products and I would assume that they are hard to find in the jungle.

I played some co-op last night and it was a good time. One complaint is that the controls do not have the same precision as other first person shooters. It feels clunky. I also feel like the loot sack and weapon interface could be a bit more intuitive. Overall I still am having a lot of fun. I am just now getting into some more complex missions and they seem to offer a pretty open experience.

Happy Friday!