The Strip: Ok, I am not saying Lego Harry Potter is bad, but let us not joke with ourselves, anyone who is buying any game tonight/tomorrow that isn’t Skyrim…well there is just something not right with that person…or well Rabbit in this case.

Gaming: I plan to get a bit more COD: MW3 in tonight before Skyrim descends upon me tomorrow around lunch time (Half day of work to celebrate this glorious occasion).

TV/Movies: I was watching this wacky show that was exploring the possibility that Tesla blew down all those trees in Siberia and not a meteor or comet…its was a terrible show. The concept was actually interesting, but the glamor show blurred green screen and abysmal acting made it a little frightening.

Music: I feel like I am in a music void right now. I am listening to the same old stuff over and over. I am not displeased by this, but it makes for a very uninteresting “music” section of my blog.

Life: All I can think about is Skyrim. I see dragon everywhere I look. Oh what wonders await me…Brace yourself for me not to talk about anything else for quite some time.