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So this is pretty true. As soon as I heard about the Dinsey and Lucas Arts deal I started (and nearly finished) strip about him lining his pockets with a cool 4 bil. It hurt when I read that he was being “Good Guy Lucas” but I went ahead and started over and came up with this strip.

I was upset at first about the deal, having the knee jerk reaction that most of the internet shared. Disney will “kiddiefy” and “annualize” the franchise to death. Well I reailzed that had already done, by Lucas. And then I read an article on The PA Report, that described a lot of good points, you should check it out. But it basically reminded me that Disney is the same company that gave us avengers with Joss Whedon at the helm. It could be great, but it sure shouldn’t be any worse.

You may notice the strip looks a little different today. I have been working for a while on updating the strips style. I will be making the next few strips this way in hopes you all will give me some feedback and let me know if you all are for or against the change.

Happy Friday,