Oh baby you…you follow my Tweeeets!

It’s true…it’s all true. I took Friday off to see The Avengers in the morning but the first showing wasn’t until 11;30 and it was in 3D (no thanks). I had already made super nerdy plans with my pal Chris Bergman to go get Avacyn Restored (Magic the Gathering), so had I seen the movie, It would’ve been too late to really dig in to the cards. I know…I still deserve to get my geek card revoked.

The wife and I watched the Newest installment of Sherlock Holmes and enjoyed it, though Jr seemed to be playing a caricature of himself from the first movie. It was still entertaining and the special effects were pretty impressive.

We went to a “Hero’s and Villians” costume party Saturday night but only had a baby-sitter(s) for a very limited time (thanks Tim and Amy), so we had to leave right as the party was getting started. Check my twitter pics to see a shot of my wife and I dressed up as Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.

So overall it was a pretty nice weekend. Pretty relaxing. It was just a little too brief.

May your Monday be equally brief.