The strip: I mean no offense to those of you out there in fraternities, and/or Madden fans (or those of you into circle jerks). I, as you may have gathered, am not a Madden fan. I am (at best) a fair weather Cincinnati Bengals fan. I am struggling to think of any sports games I have spent a fair amount of time with at all. Is Wipeout Xl considered a sport?

Gaming: Still on that Dead Island. I hope to play some more tonight, though the outlook is not so good. Weapons are starting ramp up now and it is really increasing the enjoyment of the kills. Also, a new angry birds is out. Its like China town or some shit…I dunno. Can they just put out an all “bomb bird” expansion or what? I still say you should be able to cycle through your available birds in each level.

TV/Movies: As I played the roll of a stay at home dad today, it was all Dora and Sponge bob today. I feel a bit strange.

Life: My goal with my time off this week was to play the shit out of Dead Island (check), and to work ahead, at least a week, on my comics, then do all the stuff I need to do for my web warlock to release the newest version of the Legacy Control Website. The last two did not happen. The opposite really. I feel like I am now very far behind. I would have been better off just taking tuesday off to be honest. Oh well, I still have [nothing comes to mind] days off to look forward to. Sigh.

May your Friday tighten your pants, and brighten your eyes.