I have many friends of Facebook…I dare you to be one of them!

This strip was actually conceived from a tweet by one Mr. Wombat of CAG fame. His original tweet was: “Of the 65 million WiiMotes in the wild, how many have motion +? Will WiiU games require that? Did they just split the market pre-release?” This struck me as funny, and you see the resulting comic. This was the immediate image that came to mind.

So Nintendo acts like you can just pick up one of the seemingly trillions of wiimots lying around but they are not super clear that the motion plus is the only wiimote for the WiiU. Not a big deal I suppose as I assume you can just buy the add on if you have a dozen or so wiimotes lying around.

Sorry the comic is so late tonight. I have been sick for days now and for some reason, didn’t take any days off work, which has done more harm I think. I needed to take a break for a while and just sit on the couch. Also if this blog seems more “off” than usual, it’s likely that I’m in a fever haze.

Have a happy Friday!