The Strip: Seriously, the cutscenes Cliffy. I had a lot of fun drawing Cliff.

Gaming: Gears of War 3 – In the campaign mode there is quite a lot of cutscenes, as you may have gathered. Its not only that there are cut scenes, there are also those moments when the characters are talking on their coms, and are strolling around in slow motion with their hands to their heads. Also, the writing…not great. While actually playing the game though, its a ton of fun. Enemies popping out of the ground, new and varied opponents, great job.

I have played a bit of Multiplayer, and I must say I like it a lot more than I thought I would. Gears 2 really turned me off, and I knew they had a long hard road to win me back. Well, they did it. There are just enough unlcokables to keep me invested in gaining xp, and though I haven’t played all of the maps yet, the ones I have played have been fantastically laid out. I still do not totally grasp close quarter combat. Maybe one of you can tell me what I am doing wrong, but it seems to take me at least three clean shots with the shotgun in order to kill. Though it seems every opponent can explode me in one or two shots (regardless of which shotty they happen to be using).

Horde mode is probably the most fun I have had with the game so far. Definitely play it with friends. I love how they executed the barriers. I like that you can upgrade them and also purchase turrets. Great job on this mode for sure. I will play the other modes soon and report back on them.

TV/Movies: My wife is watching Jersey Shore tonight…sigh.

Music: Scott Pilgrim vs the World soundtrack…so awesome!

Life: My dumb brain kept me up way too late last night, so that means once I post the strip, I will be going straight to bed, no Gears tonight.

Happy Friday