I know, again with the allergies. This is a very slight exaggeration of what it looks like when I have an “attack”. Usually my left eye swells up and feels like there is sand in it. Then there is the uncontrollable sneeze tirades. It is a burden, and the only sure fire way to not have an allergy attack is to not go outside.

This past weekend the great outdoors, or as I like to call it, “horse shit”, gave me a new kind of “reaction.” I was helping my father put a new liner in his pool when I found myself awash in the primordial muck that had congealed ¬†at the bottom of the pool. Yes it was gross, as it was also mixed with sand, which gave me that “not so fresh feeling”. The real surprise was when, after a few moments, the entire front of my body bloomed into a seething rash. It was glorious. I did however vanquish the sun with liberal amounts of baby 100 SPF sun block. I was only slightly sunburnt.

I played a few demos over the last week. I tried out Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale. It was what one would expect. Top down, item droppin’ tedium. Seemed a little dated, and bland. I will not be purchasing the full title. I also played the Red Faction: Armageddon demo. I enjoyed myself, and am considering a purchase of the game when the price drops. The “nano building” of destroyed objects seemed out of place, as did the enemy creatures. The black hole and magnet gun, were a lot of fun once I got the hang of them. I also tried the demo for Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I know this has been out for a long time, but I am just now getting around to trying it. The movie is one of my all time favorites, and i always loved a good side scrolling beat em up. SPVTW got pretty repetitive pretty quickly. I also felt like moving up and down on the screen felt like I was wading through molasses, which I do on occasion, so I know what I am talking about. I do not think I will pick up this title.

I think I may get Duke Nukem , but have not yet decided. Someone convince me. Thats all for now.