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The Strip: Yep…it’s true. You all know it as well. I would actually take Jasmine over Tink I think…but there is something funnier about getting turned on by a creature that is both unattainable due to the fact that she is a cartoon..and also, if she were real would literally be incapable of even giving you a hand job. Julia Roberts Tink aside of course.

Gaming: Nothing since Sunday Minecrafting but there are about to be a stream of releases. I am both excited and worried.

TV/Movies: Shameless Sunday night…it was better than it has been and now Steve is back so the main story will be interesting again…and not just a sad slutty tale.

Music: I can’t get enough of this iTunes station that plays nothing but movie scores…so good.

Life: Nothing new to report…its just ..going on as it were.

May Wednesday sprinkle pixie dust all over you.