Facebook is like the Necronomicon except you just connect with friends and don’t summon unholy beasts….and it’s not made of flesh. So you should probably like the Legacy Control Facebook page, just to be safe.

Traditionally death has been bones…but in Darksiders II death has rippling abs and a chest you could bounce a quarter off of. I took some liberty with his attire…and yes, I may have gone overboard with his package.

I was supposed to play some Magic on Friday but I didn’t realize my wifey already had plans so I will be firmly on daddy duty with the kids. I wanted revenge from the last time I played, where I was heartily handed my ass over and over again…but in a bad way.

I am, however, going to enjoy the shit out of my man Tyler’s video game decathlon on Sunday…I hope I do you all proud.

Friday…I am in you!