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The Strip: Yep, thats a dragon with tits making sweet love to a dire wolf while holding a severed head. Pretty much sums up GoT? Also. sorry.

Gaming: Draw Something..thats all I have time for with the impending trip to PAX.

Listening: One Mr. Jim Gaffigan [hot pocket]

TV/Movies: Uh…HELLOOOO. I am literally salivating awaiting the beginning of this session of Game of Thrones.

Life: Ok, so you all may have heard me say I bought a new Yiynova 19 tablet. So far its a giant old bust. The pen keeps loosing connection with the tablet and I basically have to restart my whole machine to get Photoshop working again. Its likely a driver conflict with my wacom drivers, so yeah if you have a wacom pen tool that you may want to keep using‚Ķforget it. Also the line quality is HORRIBLE. It jitters wildly, making it look like an episode of Dr. Katz. If thats what you’re looking for, then have at it. I am in communication with the seller and they are offering some possible tech support (They have been very responsive thus far), and I am going to try some of their suggestions, and see if that cleans anything up. I will report later.

Monday in yo face!