Once, I tweeted so hard…that Jessica Alba came to m  house and made out with me. So, you should definitely follow me on Twitter.

Wow, two hundred strips folks. You know what this means? Nothing really. But it just so happens that my 200th strip posts on the same day that Legacy Control went live on the web. Thats more significant to me. Though this does mean I have more than enough comic for a book. The process of compiling said book will begin soon. A Kickstarter may be in order.

Man…lots of action in my life right now. Not the kind of action that is awesome either. This isn’t 80’s buddy flick action. This is more like “EVERYBODY, GET DOWN!” kind of action. As it is with life.

I am really trying to figure out what apparel I am going to offer you all. Again, if you kind folks have any suggestions, please let me know.

Have a Wednesday.