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The Strip: Well back to the Two Plagues arch. Hope you guys don’t mind forged comedy for a little more serious side. Just need to exercise these demons.

Gaming: Got the XBLA game Warp. An interesting top down puzzler. With a gruesome side. I tried All zombies must die (not into it). Also if the stars align, I will be playing some Skyrim this fine eve.

TV/Movies: Oh yeah, I got the family to watch The Monster Squad. It held up. I still enjoyed it. Though I did forget how vulgar and violent it was. In my head it was a “G” film. Had to make the kids cover their eyes a WHOLE lot. And of course I will be watching The Walking Dead tonight…not The Oscars.

Music: For some reason my son loves anything with David Guetta in it…so been listening to a lot of that

Life: Been on the Lexepro for a bit now..and i think I am starting to really notice a difference.

Have a happy Monday!