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The Strip: So how does one get rid of a physical representation of your own fears? We will see on Wednesday.

Gaming: I played a fair amount of BF3 with my buddy Brian on Saturday…and wanted to get back on later and possibly play with some other pals but I failed. I should have my pilots laxness revoked…and fast. I am terrible.

TV/Movies: The Walkig Dead tonight…first episode in a long time that I was utterly disappointed with. Seems like they are rushing things a bit now. And dammit people keep tabs on the only kid on the whole farm would ya?!

Music: LOTR soundtrack…which is difficult to draw to because I am almost crying the whole time…wishing I were back in the shire.

Life: Man so much I wish I could tell you guys right now. Maybe some big, great changes for Legacy Control. My brother (NiCad) came over and helped me setting up my audio levels so that I sound more dashing for when I podcast. We also discovered that the mice i have causes a terrible hiss. Nice. I am also still trying to get that damn video of my first drawing up on FB. I am not sure why it will not take in iMovie, and I get frustrated pretty quickly when I realize I could be drawing instead of dicking around with it. I will get it up though and continue to get others up.

Monday away,