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NSFW Comic Tournament

This strip speaks to a deeper meaning. I have no idea what that is, so if you figure it out please let a fella know.

Nearly every day it takes all of my power not to go to the store and empty my bank account on new Magic cards. I did, in fact, go to Mavericks Comic Shop this Saturday and pick up some boosters with my son. He got a little too “Touchy” with things in the store so we had to take out leave. I just assembled a fierce green deck and it played pretty well. So I am excited to supplement it with a few new cards I’ve acquired.

Only got a little bit of gaming in this weekend and wouldn’t you know it, it was Skullgirls. I will likely do a strip about it soon. While eating some sushi today , my wife and I played our first round of Hero Academy together. I should say that I’ve started to teach her how to play. Hopefully it will be something we gan both do, and that I am just not banned from.

I’ve tried out some new advertising over at hatefarm.com and inkoutbreak.com and hoping that works out well. I also finally returned my Yiynova tablet. I was never able to get a descent line quality. Even after removing all wacom drivers and reinstalling all of the Yiynova drivers, I could never remedy the jagged line issue. The customer support for the product was phenomenal. I bought it through a company that just so happen to be in my home town called Panda City. They were responsive and very polite. It’s a shame I can’t recommend this product, though they are supposed to work better on PC, which I haven’t tried.

Alright folks, may Monday at least take you out for a nice dinner before it has its way with you.