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I don’t know what it is about leaving food out in the lunchroom at work but people see it as an opportunity to gorge. I don’t blame them because who knows when they might be able to eat again.. Wait of course I do, it’s when they get home to their houses. You know the place with the refrigerator and pantry filled with food?

What I am trying to say is that these people don’t live on the Serengeti and then are not feral dogs so I wish they would conduct themselves accordingly. If you do not make regular trips to the refrigerator to check on your food, there is a chance it may have been deflowered by the time noon rolls around.

Well thanks to my good buddy Nick (Cupcake) bootcamp finally works on my MBP which means I will be able to play Tribes…if I can ever find time. Also this means I am primed and ready for Hawken come December.

I am awash in a sea of Wednesday.